Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Leek and Gruyere Flan, Beetroot & potato gratin with roasted red peppers and a mixed leaf salad.

 Sometimes in life you're lucky enough to get that chance encounter with a particular person.  Well, I had that exact experience two weeks ago and felt an immediate bond. I was holding a little get together in my flat with a few of my lovely neighbours over an extremely annoying issue occurring in our community.  As usual, we were all supporting each other, I have to say I love living here, the community sprit is unsurpassable and as a Londoner, a true original Notting Hill Billy born & bred, I find this a rarity in our day and age. 

 We live in a really leafy and quiet peaceful community in Maida Vale, London, the rough end I hasten to add. Whilst the meeting was taking place, one of my neighbours, a lovely guy, good-looking who rides a motorbike,  suddenly got a call on his mobile and disappeared into my hallway for a private conversation. He reappeared in the doorway and asked if it would be okay if a friend of his popped round. "Of course" I replied. I have to say I was expecting a leather clad biker type fella to appear, instead this fabulously eloquent tall blonde woman walked into my living room.  She and I hit it off immediately, it was as if we'd known each other forever. Subsequently, my new best friend and I have been exchanging texts and have finally pinned down a date for her to come over for lunch, which just happens to be tomorrow. 

 As in my previous post to you all, the last thing I want to be doing is faffing around in the kitchen when I could be chewing the cud and sharing secrets with someone I really like.   I was on that tip again of pre-preparing something the day before so I could spend our time together.  So here it is.  I do love a flan/quiche but don't make it often because it involves cream, crème fraîche, eggs and pastry with butter. Well, it does if you want to make an incredibly rich & tasty one.  By preparing all the above the day before, I can just whack it in the oven for a short time tomorrow to warm up, (bar the salad obviously), sit down and have a natter.  Hope you all enjoy it. xx

 As foodies I'm assuming you have a built in instinct and a basic knowledge of cooking. So forgive me for being in a rush and writing this down comparatively quickly today.  You can always serve this with a Just a green salad, any favourite salad of your choice, or keep tuned, recipes to follow for Beetroot & Potato Gratin - Roasted Red peppers with garlic, capers and olive oil.  Please feel free to message me if you have a question and I will personally answer you as best as I can. xx

For the Quiche

Enough shortcrust pastry to fill a 10" flan dish
3 to 4 leeks washed and finely sliced
100 g grated gruyere cheese
3 eggs
Half a tub crème fraîche (full or half fat)
100 ml fresh single cream
A good glug of olive oil and a generous knob of butter to fry the leeks in.
Season with S & P

Preheat oven at 200 c

Fry the leeks, stirring occasionally till golden, season with S & P and set aside.

Roll out pastry, line your dish, grab a fork and gently stab the pastry on the bottom surface.

On top of the pastry lined dish, place grease proof paper and a layer of dried pluses or rice.

Blind bake pastry case for 10 mins.

In a bowl and with a blender mix together for 30 seconds, the eggs, cream and crème fraîche, stir in leeks and a third of the cheese.

Pour contents into semi cooked pastry shell and sprinkle with the remaining cheese and cook for 30 mins.

All our ovens cook slightly differently, so keep an eye on it whilst cooking.
Beetroot & Potato Gratin

Roasted Red peppers with garlic, capers and olive oil


  1. That food looks so good! If only I were your new best friend.. :) buon pranzo!
    Lucy x
    La Lingua : Food + Life in Italy

  2. Hi Lucy many thanks for your comment. I've been bowled over by the response to my recent blog. You are all my new best friends. I look forward to sharing all my delicious lunches & dinners with you. xx

  3. now this looks so delicious!... you need to make it for me!

  4. Oh.. and how privileged I was to be that friend eating that quiche!!! Delicious - I ate too much. Thanks so much Jenny - looking forward to the next time xxx

    1. It was great spending the day with you Sarah. Really looking forward to the next time too. Xxx