Friday, 14 February 2014

Seared Tuna with black Thai rice, griddled peppers and Japanese style salad

By now, I'm sure you have gathered that the Grumpy Greek and I are kinda partial to a massive splash of colour, as you can see in our little orange kitchen. This also reflects in my cooking. I believe that 50% of the enjoyment of food is by eating with your eyes. Eating natural, organic (when available), seasonal and intensely coloured foods are so important.  This will also ensure that the foods you are eating contain more nutrients and antioxidants. Here is a rendition of seared tuna, another one of our favourites. Enjoy

Tuna loin
Black Thai rice, or any rice of your choice
Wasabi powder
Light soya sauce for dipping
Mixed peppers
2 carrots, cut into Julian strips
1/3 mouli, cut into Julian strips
A handful of bean sprouts
A handful fresh coriander
Finger sizes piece of ginger
Clove of garlic
tsp sugar
3 Tbs olive oil
1Tbs rice or white wine vinegar

Cook the rice according to packet instructions but I find with these exotic rices to slightly under cook for a chewy but cooked bite.  This of course is personal taste.

Salad dressing
In a blender, add the finger size piece of ginger, clove of garlic, tsp sugar,  coriander, 3 Tbs olive oil, 1Tbs rice or white wine vinegar and blitz.

Make wasabi paste with a couple of drips of water.

Cut peppers into large pieces coat with olive oil and season well.
Heat griddle or heavy based pan on full heat, add peppers skin side down keeping an eye on them as you want to get colour but don't want to burn them.  Turn them over turn heat down to medium till cooked but still firm, keep warm.

Japanese style salad
Mix together your carrots, mouli, cut into Julian strips and bean sprouts.

Seared Tuna
Wash and completely dry tuna loin, then coat with olive oil and season well.

Heat griddle or heavy based pan so it's nice and hot, start searing tuna on all four sides.  The cook time depends on the size of your tuna loin but you can judge this by keeping an eye on end of the loin watching the sides cook whilst the centre stays rare. When it is to your liking, remove from pan, cover and leave to stand whilst you arrange everything on your plates, drizzle the salad with the dressing, light soya sauce in individual dipping bowls with a small amount of wasabi paste sushi style, lastly slice the tuna.  Enjoy x


  1. Everything looks and sounds wonderful!! And yes, there is something about a lot of color on your plate that makes eating even more enjoyable!

  2. Hi Jenn apologises for the delayed response. Yes, we all love a bit of colour. x